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baseball card pricing graphic baseball card pricing baseball card pricing graphic
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baseball card pricing graphic
baseball card pricing graphic   baseball card pricing graphic
baseball card pricing SPACER
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baseball card pricing SPACER
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Baseball card pricing quoted by an experienced dealer on these & other old baseball cards

Baseball Card Pricing. Get a free pricing quote on the unopened material listed below, as well as other vintage sports cards. An ethical, professional dealer with more than 30 years' experience is currently paying top $$ for these cards. baseball card pricing SPACER Get the best pricing for unopened wax boxes of baseball cards.Just call Baseball Card Buyer at: 1-888-665-4999, or e-mail him with a description of the card(s) at He will get back to ASAP with a very reasonable pricing quote on your baseball cards.

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Year/BrandPackageBuy Price
1951 ToppsRed Back Wax Box$5,000
1951 ToppsBlue Back Wax Box$9,000
1952 Topps5 ¢ Wax Pack$2,500
1952 ToppsCello Pack$3,000
1953 Topps5 ¢ Wax Pack$3,000
1954 BowmanWax Box$12,000
1955 BowmanWax Box$12,000
1957 ToppsCello Pack$600
1962 ToppsWax Box (3rd Series)$8,000
1969 Topps Wax Box (Mantle Series) $7,000
1970 Topps Hi # Wax Box $5,000
1974 Topps Vending Case $8,000
1974 Topps Wax Box $1,400
1975 Topps "Mini" Wax Box $1,200
1976 Topps Vending Case $7,000
1976 Topps Rack Case $2,000
1978 Topps Cello Case $4,000
1979 Topps Vending Case $2,500
Year/Brand Package Buy Price
1980 Topps Wax Case $3,200
1981 Fleer Wax Case $400
1981 Donruss Wax Case $400
1982 Topps Traded Set Case $12,000
1982 DonrussWax Case$1,000
1982 DonrussSet Case$450
1982 FleerVending Case$600
1983 ToppsVending Case$1,200
1983 ToppsFactory Set Case$1,200
1984 FleerUpdate Set Case$9,000
1984 DonrussSet Case$900
1985 ToppsTiffany Set Case w/Update$3,600
1985 DonrussWax Case$1,300
1985 DonrussSet Case$600
1985 FleerWax Case$1,500
Year/BrandPackageBuy Price
baseball card pricing SPACER